Valparaiso: The only thing to fear is burning calves

  If Santiago is the Lygon St or St Kilda of Chile, than Valparaiso is the Brunswick or Collingwood (sorry about the Melbourne references). The dirtier, more exciting student city only an hour and a half from Santiago. But we did a free walking tour and discovered the nice corners of the seaside city built…

Santiago: The only thing to fear is la cuenta

Santiago: City of EXPENSIVEENESS only offset by the FUNICULAR and maybe quite a few other things. The currency converts at one 2$ = 1000 pesos so it is really easy to calculate… but not easy on the hip pocket since everything is the same price as Melbourne! $20 meals is not why I came to…

First Day in Santiago

Wandering aimlessly in a jet lagged daze we came across an awesome place called Santa Lucía Hill (I think). It was in the middle of the city and was higher than most of the skyscrapers.

Woot Buenos Aires Apartment!

Fingers crossed we get this amazing place in Buenos Aires. It has taken enough time to find one that we <Cough> Athena </cough> are happy with.