Santiago: The only thing to fear is la cuenta

Santiago: City of EXPENSIVEENESS only offset by the FUNICULAR and maybe quite a few other things.

The currency converts at one 2$ = 1000 pesos so it is really easy to calculate… but not easy on the hip pocket since everything is the same price as Melbourne! $20 meals is not why I came to South America! Although some things are cheap such as this strange syrypy drink called mote con huesillas that consists of dried peaches with hunks of wheat floating around mysteriously at the bottom of the cup.

We are still getting used to the hours of Latin American life. Siestas during the afternoon and nobody going to bed until past midnight. Only tourist restaurants are open before 7pm, if you’re lucky.

Things seen/heard at strange hours:

  • Saturday night(ish) 6am: One man band twirling himself loudly down the street.
  • Sunday morning 4am through 6am: Power metal followed by Beethoven at full blast.
  • Friday night 3am: Current affairs being loudly and passionately discussed at the sushi bar opposite our room.
  • Monday 11:30pm: Passer by inspecting and then prying open T.V on sidewalk before leaving it sprawled out on the pavement.



Rickety FUNICULAR up to the zoo and etc. in the mountains surrounding Santiago..don’t worry it was blessed by the Pope… We pretty much got to ride in the Pope-Mobile! Trust us, it is steeper than it looks and creakier than it sounds in the photo.


Lemurs, at the zoo. Yes, there was a zoo at Santiago and it was really quite good. The lemurs had a better view from their room than we did! They were pretty much the coolest animals we have ever seen.







Sean in his natural habitat. Had to push kids out of the way to get this photo. Worth it!


LLooooong walk to a swimming pool on the top of the mountain with crazy views of the city.




IMG_0048Surprisingly, Santiago was very trendy and Melbourne-like. Lots of cafes, young people and bicycles. They even ride fixies and the ones that serve you coffee have gigantic beards. Here’s one I found in the park.



One of Pablo Neruda’s homes. Complete with gigantic clown shoes decorating the bar, a gold cast of his wife’s hand on his writing desk and a dining room decorated like a ship’s hull.

Disclaimer: We actually really like Santiago, even if we do make fun of it sometimes. We just need to take more siestas.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathleen says:

    Ok, the idea of a 24 hour city amazes me and I am so jelly that you get to experience a man twirling himself down a city street at 6am. Next time, try and get a photo of that!

    I hope you went to the Jammin Club, did it live up to its name?

    Also, Sean as a monkey is adorable, and he is a friggen babe in that pic with the sunnies, KEEP THE SANTIAGO WOMEN AWAY FROM HIM! You look very nice too, Theeny. The photos are amazing, I’m guessing they weren’t taken with a shitty camera phone. Keep ’em comin’.

    Miss you guys xx


  2. Nich says:

    Haha coffee served by giant beards with people attached. So like us.


  3. Luke says:

    Really enjoying this guys!


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