Viña del Mar: The only thing to fear is the beach – apparently.

Valparaiso’s sister city known for its beaches even though there are signs everywhere saying that the water is not suitable for swimming. Being a bay beach, there were no waves, currents, undertows, rips or other dangers to be seen…but apparently its unsafe!

Didn’t investigate what this is but it looks nice.
Quick trapezius workout on the beach why not.
Athena doesn’t like her photo taken.

There wasn’t as much to explore in Vina as the main attraction was the beach.

Giant turtle guarded by woman in a deck chair.
Vina del cheap vino! Four dollars for a gigantic tub of wine?!


Pretty much imagine the Gold Coast of Chile (I’ve got to stop making Australia analogies). Although Chile is very similar to Australia in climate and scenery (they even have Eucalyptus trees) so maybe I can be excused.

And then onwards to La Serena!




One Comment Add yours

  1. K dawg says:

    Keep making the Australian analogies!

    Also, if you didn’t buy at least two of the bottles of wine I will be very disappointed.


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