Potosi and Sucre (would include more but the internet is awful).

Editors note: The last post had some ommisions, like an explanation of why we were covered in shaving cream and lacked any mention of Potosi. This was due to someone trying to “hack the blog” to get the photos in the right order… We were covered in shaving cream because of a carnival that, coincidentally, was happening while we were at the Extreme Fun Pub. This festival consisted of people dancing through the streets in a sort of congo line while onlookers sprayed them with cans of high velocity projectile shaving cream. THEY AIM FOR THE EYES! And they apparently prefer to go for the gringos. Of course, we joined in the congo line yelling what we thought was “breakfast” but turned out to be “fuerza” (strength). I would add more photos of it but the internet at this hostel is abysmal and it is a struggle to make this blog post.


We only stayed in Uyuni for one night as the only thing to do there seems to be the Extreme Fun Bar and carnivals, both of which we had our fill of. Potosi is one of the highest cities in the world and seems to be designed to be the worst place you can possibly be for hangovers. The traffic was crazy, they didn’t indicate, the footpaths were overflowing with people, horns were honking, car alarms were going off everywhere even if there was nobody anywhere near the cars, loud explosions were constantly going off all over the city (firecrackers we think?) and  protests and random parades with loud trumpet music were a constant. What a great place to also get a demon cold and food poisoning! POTOSI!!!!! But hey, our bed didn’t have bed bugs so that was a plus (just got attacked by sand flies though booo).

Another parade in Potosi

We were too sick to do any of the tours or anything and spent our 2 days just moping around so there is a definite lack of photos from there.

A protest outside the church. (Something to do with education we think)


Still recovering from our colds and food poisoning, we made it to Sucre. Even though La Paz generally steals all the main city action, Sucre is technically the capital of Bolivia. And they don’t let you forget it. There are signs plastered everywhere around the city and even the taxi driver reminded us twice that we were in fact in the capital city.

View from the Jesus mountain.

On our first day we managed a walk up to the top of a hill overlooking the city. Of course it was tuned into a shrine to Jesus. The views from the top were great and we only had to avoid a few bottles caps been thrown at us by locals getting drunk at the summit.

The steepness up to the Jesus mountain.

The streets of Sucre are all bright white as there is apparently a law forcing everyone to whitewash their houses at least once a year. Sucre was also great because it had people dressed up in zebra costumes (not pictured 😦 ) signalling traffic and pedestrains at its main zebra crossings…took us a little while to make the connection.

Awesome fruit stands

The Mercado Central had amazing fruit stalls that sold fresh juice and fruit salads. My new favourite fruit is tumbo which is like a squishy passionfruit. All the fruit stalls had large supplies of beer for some mysterious reason…possibly for some beer/fruit juice concoction but this is only speculation.

Sucre’s Parque Cretacico which looked suspiciously like a Jurassic Park copyright infringement…except the dinosaurs were plastic and didn’t eat everyone.
Apparently this dino had manky hands.

But before it was home to fruit juice and zebras at zebra crossings, Sucre was the home of dinosaurs and now has the largest collection of dinosaur footprints in the world. It was discovered around 20 years ago by the miners who would have destroyed the foot prints if the dinosaurs hadn’t been stomping around in terrible quality limestone.

The smears on the side of the cliff are the dinosaur footprints.
Photo of us obscuring the interesting dinosaurs.

Next stop: Cochabamaba and La Paz and moooreee.














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  1. Karen Mill says:

    Wow between dinosaurs footsteps, zebra dressed locals and squishy fruit I don’t know what made the most impression. Have you bumped into Karl Pilkington yet from An Idiot Abroad yet? He must be there somewhere.


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