Stokes, Fitzgerald River, Stirling Ranges and Porongurups (Van around Australia Part Three)

After Cape La Grand, we headed west along the coast for a national park bonanza. First stop was Quagi beach which was a nice campsite attached to a beach. Then next we headed for Stokes National park which was full of wildlife.

After Stokes we headed for Fitzgerald River National Park which had a heap of unique plant species including some that are only found on Mount Barren. As you can see in the pictures, there was a weird cauliflower plant called the Royal Hakea. It looked a bit like an alien planet sometimes and also a bit like Jurassic Park.

Next stop was Stirling Ranges National Park. The main attraction was hiking to the top of Bluff Knoll. The guides always say that the walks are hard, but this time it actually was quite a challenge. Stairs all the way to the top. We also hiked Mt Trio the next day. Grass trees galore!

We have another video to go along with these photos!


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